The 3 Best Pregnancy Apps

For every woman, to be pregnant is one of the most exhilarating and joyous times of their lives. But, it can be also an uptight and fearful time, particularly for first-time mothers who may welcome unprepared.

By all means, that does not just applicable to mothers, considerably; soon-to-be fathers might also want to be as knowledgeable as possible for the eventuality.

Luckily, the Google Play Store is chock-full of useful apps that are wrapped with tools and good consultation. Both for the first-time mothers, and those who already have kids, as well.

Moreover, the following preference among choices is our pick of the top best pregnancy apps for Android devices. In which, are also covered with different baby-related and pregnancy topic.

Surprisingly, all of the top-pick that is listed in here was free, though; there are few ones which include in-app purchases. Meaning to say, you might want it to download these apps.


This well-known pregnancy app has an extravagant high user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. Becoming a mother is no joke, thus the development of your baby is one of the most intense aspects you’d ever feel.

However, this app presents you everything you can think of with your matter. It is a user-friendly app that gives you information in a simple way.

Pregnancy week by week, however, helps you to sum up the current week of your pregnancy, your due date, which enables you to track your calculated pregnancy. It features tracking the baby’s kicks, weight, as well as other changes upon your body. Even, includes a note facility for doctor’s appointments, symptoms of pregnancy and more others.

This app, recommended as the top choice, is laid in ways that make it really beautiful and simple to use.


One of the most popular apps these days, BabyCenter – Pregnancy Tracker and Countdown. With millions of downloader that prove its popularity. You will start experiencing this app by recording the due date of your baby in the tummy. The apps name, however, says it all.

With complete health information from specialists, the app will lead you through your case with contents. Which includes; the changes to expect on your body, prenatal development videos, a birth plan checklist, and many more…

The said feature and information doesn’t stop once the child has been born. As if, the tools that are in this app might help you with your journey as a mom. A feature which includes a sleep guide, lullaby music, as well.


This app claims to provide you with everything you should know about pregnancy and parenting. One of the best things on this app was its social engagement. This offers a feature of parenting chat groups.

Even so, you may ask the question, share your more about, chit chat with those moms – in a similar age bracket of your kids, and securely save the entire discovery by the ‘Journey’ feature.

Final thought

If you might find the listed pregnancy apps absolutely useful, then you can download it right away.

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