Tech Gadgets Recommended by Oprah 2018

Are you still worried about what gifts to buy this holiday season? If you do, here’s the top tech gadgets recommended by Oprah 2018. More so, keep your pen and paper ready for the gadgets that might interest you.

The 2018 list of Tech Gadgets Loved by Oprah

On November 21, 2018, the very famous American media executive revealed her list of “favorite things” which is basically Oprah’s Amazon list. This most awaited annual list of Oprah’s favorite things Amazon, captures a lot of attention just like how her previous Oprah’s favorite things 2017 and the one she will obviously release next year (Oprah’s favorite things 2019) does. As a result, here we are, acknowledging this interesting list. In fact, we will inspect each of them to see why the mogul included each of the items in the list. So here it comes:

Katana Safety Arc

The very first item to illustrate Oprah’s keen taste on tech gadgets is this strictly secure personal alarm system by Katana Safety. Utilize this useful gadget by attaching it to your mobile phone. Moreover, it features a siren piercing to stop the possible attackers by getting the attention of people nearby. This feature can only be activated by flicking a finger or just by literally dropping your smartphone while the hidden wristband is attached. Furthermore, the Arc offers a discreet alarm button and it is given that all these methods directly contact the Response Center (optional).

[amazon box=”B07D86QJZ8″ title=”Katana Safety  Arc” image_alt=”Katana Safety Arc” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”medium” description=”Ice blue colored Personal Security System with 1 month service of Katana Response Center.”]

This smart item renders 24/7 throughout all the days of the year personal security, made possible by the app GPS technology. Hence, the user exact location can be accurately detected by the optional Response Center. In case of emergency, the Response Center will send local authorities to the user’s location including its additional feature of sending it to other seven established contacts in your user’s Katana Circle. Oprah wants all of us to put security in the palm of our own hands, it seems so. A truly wise woman on TV.

Ricoh Theta SC 360

Oprah Winfrey has an unexplainable intense screen presence on TV. So, it is not that surprising to see a 360-degree high-resolution camera included in the list anymore. As a matter of fact, the American TV personality clearly shows how sharp her eyes are when it comes to reviewing tech gadgets she uses. Ricoh Theta SC is a 360 degree Spherical Camera that can take high-resolution video and photo disregarding its small frame. Just like Oprah, you’ll surely immerse yourself in high-quality 360 photography with this sleek and small technology gadget.

[amazon box=”B01M60XVH8″ title=”Ricoh Theta SC” image_alt=”Ricoh Theta SC” rating=”3.8″ image_size=”medium” description=”High resolution White video still fully spherical 360 camera.”]

With the use of Ricoh Theta SC, you can now shoot an entire scene with just a single shot. And when it comes to view, see your captured video or image in 360 degrees. Enjoy this with your family and friends to see how fantastic life can be with this gadget in addition.

iPhone XR

It is a sure thing that the mogul loves iPhones too. In fact, she included the one with the largest LCD among all the iPhones available today. With its amazing color accuracy, iPhone XR leads the competitive industry of mobile phones. Likewise, it comprises a wide range of color gamut, true tone, and tap to wake 6.1 inches magnificent display. Imagine? You can now maximize the space of your screen display for the things you love to do.

[amazon box=”B07K97BQDF” title=”iPhone XR” image_alt=”iPhone XR” rating=”3.8″ image_size=”medium” description=”6.1 inched LCD liquid retina display featuring dust and water resistance + 12mp camera and 7mp TrureDepth front cam.”]

The iPhone XR is made with exceptional materials such as its durable front glass breaking the most used materials on particular smartphones. Its aluminum bands are made using precision machines making it aerospace-grade aluminum. Lastly, this Apple mobile phone is dust and water resistant which comes with 6 cool new finishes mainly red, black, yellow, white, blue, and coral. Therefore, a white selection of stunning colors you can choose from. Oprah declared that Apple surpassed itself with iPhone XR, this must also be running on her head when she included this as one of Oprah’s Amazon list item.

Lumos smart bike helmet

Another thing included in Oprah’s favorite things Amazon, the Lumos smart bike helmet is a cycling head protective gear. This item comprises bright turn signals in both sides to ensure and share road safety for every person in the road. These turn signals can be activated using its wireless remote. While you have those hand signals properly practiced before your joyous ride, this useful helmet features safety enhancement through its noticeable turn signals.

[amazon box=”B01N273KZT” title=”Lumos Smart Bike Helmet” image_alt=”Lumos Smart Bike Helmet” rating=”4.2″ image_size=”medium” description=”Certified Cycling Helmet with wireless turn signal handlebar and Remote Built-in Motion Sensor.”]

Additionally, it also has a wireless remote control for a clean and simple design. This feature prevents unnecessary wires to tangle while you maneuver the thing on the road. The control has two buttons, one remote, and a built-in accelerometer that senses every break you make. And so, a removable, weatherproof, convenient, and very intuitive rechargeable control to include on your road trip. Apparently, both the wireless remote control and the helmet can be charged using the magnetic charging cable included in it. After two hours of charging, you can again use it and this can last of up to 6 long hours active use in flash mode and 3 hours of solid mode.

RapidX X5

For a busy person, it is just considerable that Oprah needs 5 USB ports in one car charger. Exaggeration or not, wouldn’t it be nice to have this handy for your daily driving life? In fact, RapidX X5 car charger is a very useful charging tool that let’s all five devices either iPhone or Android to charge simultaneously in it. Plus, it cleverly detects a device the moment it connects in the fastest way it can.

[amazon box=”B01J3S9MRG” title=”RapidX X5″ image_alt=”RapidX X5″ rating=”4.2″ image_size=”medium” description=”Car charger with 5 USB port compatible for Android and iPhone.”]

The RapidX X5 supports fast charging with up to 2.4 amperes per port or a maximum of 10.8 amperes overall. Also, it works with 12 to 24 volts cigarette lighters and vehicle outlets. Showing Oprah’s great tech taste on gadgets, it has a modern and sleek design that there is no moment this device is unnoticed.

If the famous Oprah Winfrey sees these things as alluring and pleasing, why not you too? Taste the luxury and convenience of a celebrity with utilizing these high-quality excellent gadgets 2018. This ends the list of Tech Gadgets Recommended by Oprah 2018.

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