Some of the Best Gadgets We Must Carry This Year

Saying goodbye to the past year doesn’t have to include forgetting the best gadgets on Amazon 2018. In fact, we would like to remember all the gadgets that brought us comfort, luxury, convenience, and joy in this short list we made. See if you still have these on your keep up to this year.

Microsoft Surface Go


First of all, who will ever leave behind a sleek laptop after the year ends? It is especially if that laptop is none other than Microsoft Surface Go. With this comfort-focused device, it can definitely equal event the best gadgets 2019.

Microsoft Surface Go comprises a powerful Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y 1.6GHz processor and DDR3 RAM. Mention about its eMMC solid-state drive storage and you will be convinced for sure. Also, it comes with a 10 inches PixelSense Display that showcases 1800 by 1200 equivalent to 217PPI resolution. Furthermore, it also carries a camera that can shoot perfectly with using its 5.0MP and 8.0MP lenses.

[amazon box=”B07LC2LCNN” title=”Microsoft Surface Go” image_alt=”Microsoft Surface Go” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”Burgundy Laptop with Pentium Gold 4415Y processor.”]

What makes this laptop a great deal is that it allows you to make a Skype video in HD with its 1090p. it also comes with Windows Hello face sign-in feature which is basically a biometric facial recognition for Windows devices.

Nikon Z7

The year 2018 brought out a lot of amazing things we have never seen before. It includes tech innovations comprising trends that are undeniably life-changing and no one will ever refuse to that fact. As one of the best gadgets last year that you must carry this year, Nikon Z7 helps with your photography needs.

Nikon Z7 is a full frame mirrorless camera is more than just a mirrorless camera you can imagine. It embodies the future of Nikkor glass that provides the best sharpness for your next project. Nikkor Z provides the best corner-to-corner best sharpness regardless of the aperture you have. With its 3.6M-Dot Quad VGA Viewfinder, everyone will surely say “What a View” on every image captured.

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In photography, adjusting the settings can be a hard task. It is even harder depending on the camera you utilize. However, Nikon Z7 allows its user to make an easy adjustment without even putting your eyes away from your subject with its viewfinder customizable menu on the right side. Through this, you can now easily access the camera’s white balance, focus modes, exposure, and more.

Jabra Elite Active 65t

Are you looking for the best gadgets for men 2018 that your brother still asks for until today? If you do, then here is Jabra Elite Active 65t just for you. There are a lot of companies who have tried hard to produce headphones especially wireless which really works best for its users. Some failed our expectations and some even exceeded from what we could have imagined. The latter includes Jabra Elite Active 65t. This wireless headphone fits an active life just like how its name suggests. It is an Alexa enabled device so you don’t have to use your hands frequently when you use them. Just plug them on, and you are ready to go for an entertaining jog.

[amazon box=”B07BHF993Q” title=”Jabra Elite Active 65t” image_alt=”Jabra Elite Active 65t” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”medium” description=”Alexa Enabled Wireless Sports Earbuds.”]

This device perfectly fits as you plug them in your ears. In fact, it features a secure-fitting design that provides better stability and it includes different sizes of ear gels so you can find the best one for the size of your ears.

You might also want to try its integrated motion sensor where you can track your own workout performance. These third generation wireless stable earbuds allow you to make better phone calls and more enjoyable music streaming with its true wireless stability feature.

Sony 1000XM3

One thing that blew us away last year is the release of Sony 1000X series which includes the sleekest wireless headphones we have ever seen. Sony 1000XM3 is one of the most notable devices on this line capable of bringing the best audio quality that satisfies.

Sony 1000Xm3 is a certified refurbished product that boasts a high-end Digital Noise Cancellation technology that can allow you to hear every single word uttered on the other end of the line. Disregarding the environment you are in, you can totally enjoy incredibly clear audio through it and take note, it also aids on isolating the sound on your environment through the microphones Sony added.

[amazon box=”B07HJ87WJD” title=”Sony 1000XM3″ image_alt=”Sony 1000XM3″ rating=”4.5″ image_size=”medium” description=”Certified Refurbished Wireless Headphone with Noise Cancelling feauture.”]

For your information, proprietary high definition noise cancellation is one of the technologies boasted by Sony. Using its 32bit audio signal processing along with the best signal to noise ratio it provides. We can say that Sony’s 1000XM3 can improve the sound of every audio you listen to in a dramatic way. It features a smart listening capability by SENSE ENGINE that can adjust the sound by automatically triggering the Adaptive Sound Control to work to detect the environment you are in.

Cubii Jr

This year, it would be a great idea to start achieving a fitter body in a not so time demanding way. If you can stay where you are and do what you do while you get the healthier body you are dreaming of, then it is better. Actually, those are all possible now using Cubii Jr the under-desk elliptical that you can count on anytime and anywhere.

Considered as one of the best home gadgets 2019, using this gadget won’t need you to sacrifice your work time anymore just to make things better for your health. The good thing about it is that you can simply place it under your office desk or anywhere you are and you are set to take off on a healthy journey. So start working out while actually working now using this amazing gadget.

[amazon box=”B074F1S194″ title=”Cubii Jr” image_alt=”Cubii Jr” rating=”4.4″ image_size=”medium” description=”Easy assembled quiet and compact under-desk elliptical.”]

Final Thought

When we think about it, most of us are already addicted to the idea of getting the most advanced tech gadget at the moment. Little did we know that this addiction can lead us to numerous purchases that we don’t really intend to make at the first place? Which is why you must make it a habit to see the best gadgets from the past year that you can still carry from the next in order to save and keep the world beautiful at its best.

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