Snapchat has its New Feature: The Snapchat Collections

We all know how well used Snapchat is on the public, and yet again another innovation has been made for us users to enjoy. Snapchat collection is a new feature that the company was working on in few weeks in which it will make it easier for you to shop using the App that makes things more convenient for avid users to utilize.

So in here, let’s talk about what Snapchat is and the new feature it has to offer.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most popular mobile apps in the Google store and App store. It is a photo and video platform. Wherein, any video, photos, or even messages is made available for the receiver in a short period of time. This app designed only to encourage a natural flow of interaction and communication.

The App was headed by co-founder Evan Spiegel. Snapchat claims that it is a camera company, wherein its developer particularly called “Snap”.

What is the new feature in Snapchat?

Snapchat has a new feature calls Snapchat Collections or identifies as ‘collections’.

Mashable reads, “the new adverts type allows to link their specific product without the need of the users to swipe up on the ad itself and make the purchase.

Snapchat Collections will come out between users’ Stories and in the Discover section. This thought is for users to limit themselves to engage and trigger the reaction without having another move.

Snapchat’s Head of Monetisation reports that it has been testing the characteristic and has been below testing for a little while, with a promising aftereffect. Pete Sellis recites,” We do expect these adverts will have an undoubtedly higher engagement rate.”

More about the Collections, Snapchat does add a characteristic that enables customers to purchase items on Amazon by just pointing the Snapchat digital camera at the specific object around them.

The details about these aren’t so clear; Snap hasn’t responded whether it receives the common commission from the Amazon purchases made via the app. The only intent of these update is similar to the new Snap adverts; to get us more comfortable to the thought of shopping and buying via an application installed better known for self-destructing photos.

Aside from Snapchat, there are several Apps that is with In-App Shopping

Instagram is on-the-go, been investing out in In-App shopping. This app did also reveal in exploring another dedicated e-commerce app that could compete wholly with Amazon.

Facebook app together with its sister app Messenger has had also been experimenting with linked adverts in its feeds, and more recently, in the Stories.

Final Thought – With its newest and latest features functionality, Snapchat has had taking its online browsing to another level and additionally bringing together social media and e-commerce. More features to add, Snapchat claims.

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