Smart Home Gadgets to Make Your Life Merrier this 2019

You can now start setting up your home smarter this year to make your life merrier this 2019. However, choosing the right home gadgets to make life easier is the challenge you are about to face. Well, you need to make the right choice and see things thoroughly so you can be sure that these tech gadgets will fit together. They need to be set comfortably together in order to make a harmonious smart home for you.

Amazon, Apple, and Google are the ones capable of transforming a simple gadget into a smart one. Likewise, they are the main players in the area of transforming an abode into a smart home.

Best Smart Home Gadgets

Arlo Pro

This is the best outdoor camera you must install outside your house not just to make it smarter but also securer to live at. It is a flexible device that you can mount it even inside your house. And, utilizing this security camera get you seven days of totally free event-based storage in the cloud while enjoying its 6-month long battery life.

[amazon box=”B01LWS96JV” title=”Arlo Pro” image_alt=”Arlo Pro” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”Large” description=”Wireless indoor and outdoor smart home security camera.”]

It has a two-way audio that can allow you to screen visitors and monitor if there are any unwelcome individuals who will try to invade your home. The best thing about this smart home security tech gadget is that it will unfailingly hit you with audio alerts just in case of an emergency that you have to be aware of.

WeMo Mini Smart Plug

One of the great home gadgets Amazon available that can help you to make a good smart home start this 2019. Since it is said to be a Siri-friendly device, this smart plug keeps a well-connected linking inside your home. Plus, this device is compatible with IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa. Furthermore, it is the easiest device to make your smart home simple with overflowing functionality.

If you may ask if why you would need it to make your home smarter, the answer is that, it can help you control your home without a limit. In fact, it is very easy to set up and it supports a maximum of 15 amperes in order to fit the needs of your high-power home appliances. Also, it is design to fit in any electrical outlet in your home with its compact structure so you won’t be bothered about it blocking other sockets. This factor perfectly fits in our criteria for a smart home gadget.

[amazon box=”B01NBI0A6R” title=”WeMo Mini Smart Plug” image_alt=”WeMo Mini Smart Plug” rating=”3.8″ image_size=”Large” description=”Wi-Fi enabled smart Plug.”]

More so, you can set timers and schedules to turn on and off all the appliances in your home. As long as they are plugged using it. Secure your home with one of the most outstanding home gadgets 2018.

3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Are you still clinging to that old deadbolt you have for so many years now? Why would you still keep it if you can have your security doubled with one of the home gadgets 2018 instead? Well, have a look in this 3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. It has a simple interface that you can easily integrate with HomeKit. Plus, you can guarantee with this reliability which in fact gained this device an Editor’s Choice.

Leave that deadbolt now and wisely choose this smarter lock. It performs better than any home security locks can. Once installed, integrate it with the AI Siri using Apple HomeKit and it works well with Nest platform too. And so, because it is your front door that is at stake when you use this security device, it is given that it is reliable and durable enough to handle the task properly.

[amazon box=”B0752VPHVK” title=”3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect” image_alt=”3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”Large” description=”Keyless smart locking with 3rd generation technology that Works with Alexa for 24/7 security.”]

While other smart locks are much complicated than the 3rd Generation August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, testing these devices would be very hassled. From installation to actual performance, this device will definitely make your life merrier this 2019.

Philips Hue White

Philips line of a nicely connected platform is the Hue series. If you want to experience a brighter vibe in your home, utilize Philips Hue White LED bulbs and you’ll see the difference. It is dimmable so you can just change how bright you want it to be with 50 thousand different shades of white there is. Match your lightings with your mood.

Additionally, it works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit which means you can control these lights hands-free. More so, you only need to utter some voice commands and then, you can already enjoy a warm or cool illumination. You can use it every single time you wake up to intensify your graduality. Like so, use it at night to wander around your house clearly and safely.

[amazon box=”B073SSK6P8″ title=”Philips Hue White” image_alt=”Philips Hue White” rating=”4.2″ image_size=”Large” description=”Dimmable LED smart light buld with 50,000 white shades.”]

Using this smart home starter can allow you to control the lights in your house wherever you are. In fact, its app is available in both Android and iOS devices. However, to use this you must utilize it along with Philips Hue Bridge which is sold separately in order to get the most out of it.

D-Link Water Sensor

Complete the smart home gadgets you have in your list right now with D-Link Water Sensor. It is known as one of the cool home gadgets 2018, D-Link can secure your home from a flood. How? It is a smart wireless flood detector that detects whether or not there is water damage around your home. Moreover, it sends notifications the moment it detects water in the sinks, dishwashers, close from the water heater, basements, bathroom, and anywhere with moisture.

[amazon box=”B07FTW5XLD” title=”D-Link Water Sensor” image_alt=”D-Link Water Sensor” rating=”4.0″ image_size=”Large” description=”refurbished water and flood smart sensor.”]

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t to level up the capacity of its alarm. You can add a mydlink DCH-S220 Wifir Siren so you can reach greater distance range around your house. Lastly, notifications will surely be sent to you to keep you updated and at peace all the time. Good thing it has its own app called mydlink. A home application that works with smartphones so you’ll know everything that is happening with the device.

Keep in mind that smart doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, smart is spelled simplicity too. So, what is your favorite item on these Smart Home Gadgets to Make Your Life Merrier this 2019?


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