Gadgets to Maximize your Kitchen’s Potential

There is no doubt, technology and cooking have had always been connected. In the past, scientific advancement has frequently caused in new and sometimes revolutionary ways for preparing a food. Though people nowadays have taken the things for granted, various kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, gas or stove ovens and microwave were such a big achievement which aided the ordinary individuals to unleash their culinary abilities. It means people have come rambling since sizzling meat and other food over open flames.

Nowadays, the usage of science in order to stimulate cooking goals continues. The modern technology, however, has been applied to every kitchen in very exciting and at the same time new ways which will surely save home cook both your money and time. As a matter of fact, preparing delicious and healthy meals in our own home has never been easy.

So, if you really want to the use the modern and current technology in order to maximize the potential of your kitchen, the different tech gadgets below can be a good starting point. Though they will not make you a master chef overnight, trust us such gadgets will extremely lessen the effort and time that you might need in preparing your favorite drinks and foods.

High Tech Gadgets that’ll Maximize your Kitchen’s Potential

Electric Pressure Cooker

[amazon box=”B00FLYWNYQ” title=”Instant Pot” description=”The Instant Pot does feature a slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, and food warmer – making it one of the most versatile kitchen products you can own” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”small”]

Indeed, pressure cookers are not considered as one of the newest technologies. Actually, these tools have had been around back in the 1600s. However, Robert Wang, an inventor from Canada has revised the pressure cooker for the twenty-first century.

As for the old pressure cookers, the famous Instant Pot of Wang lessens the cooking time by seventy percent. However, apart for the additional safety tools, this device also comes with an inbuilt timer and digital controls that are very easy to utilize. Thus, chef at homes will be able to program their device and do other things while waiting for their food to be cooked.

In fact, it is considered a versatile kitchen appliance that you can buy today. Because aside from being a pressure cooker, Instant Pots, on the other hand, also function as:

  • Food warmer
  • Yogurt maker
  • Saute Pot
  • Steamer
  • Rice cooker
  • Slow cooker

Sous Vide Cooker

[amazon box=”B073R2PZF3″ title=”Gramercy Kitchen Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker” description=”The Gramercy Kitchen Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker uses the perfect amount of power to quickly heat your water bath. No using of extra electricity as with others. Operates in near silence.” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”small”]

When you’re cooking meats, the variance between a mouthwatering lunch and a disappointed meal come down just a little bit of degrees in coldness and hotness. This is actually a fact for costly beef cuts. In which, internal temperatures above medium sparse are often contemplated as a display of desecration. But a big thanks to the Sous Vide Immersion Circulator by Gramercy Kitchen, overcooking proteins and steaks is not considered a pain.

All you have to do is simply put the meat in the bag, then plunge it in the water. Next, set the tool depending on your preferred temperature.

After one hour or more, the meat will achieve the precise temperature that you have been selected.

Personal Airfryer

[amazon box=”B00TR78QUI” title=”Digital Airfryer by Philips” description=”This Digital Airfryer by Philips is a massive 2.65-Lb. In which, the cooking capacity is the perfect capacity to Feed 4 people.” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”small”]

Undoubtedly, fried foods are delicious, but unfortunately, they are extremely unhealthy. In actual fact, some studies have associated the regular eating of foods which are commonly prepared in fats and hot oils to higher risks of heart disease and diabetes Fortunately, there are now healthier alternatives, thanks to modern technology.

For instance, the XL Airfryer from Philips utilizes a technology known as Rapid Air in order to move the air over the metal mesh cooking basket.

Coffee and Tea Drink System

[amazon box=”B07FDFP6MY” title=”Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System” description=”The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System features five brew styles. That includes the Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew, or Specialty.” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”5″ image_size=”small”]

Not that long ago, dumping some Folger’s Crystals into a cup of hot water was the least of “homebrewing” innovation. But if you need an example of proof of how far we’ve come since then, look no further than the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. Thus, whether you are brewing a full decanter or just a single cup, Ninja System uses advance Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology to produce an amazing beverage experience.

In such a way, the Ninja can also prepare over-ice beverages at the proper and lower temperature to ensure a smooth, even naturally sweet flavor. Nevertheless, Ninja’s Auto-IQ technology takes the guess to work out of brewing with a different program of coffee or tea drink options.


[amazon box=”B073W81R59″ title=”AeroGarden Hydroponic Garden” description=”The AeroGarden Hydroponic Garden is sleek and stylish 24 pod growing machine will stand out in any room of the house, and will be sure to be the talk of your next dinner party or get together.” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”small”]

People who are incidentally fascinated in cooking at home knows the significance of utilizing fresh ingredients like vegetables and herbs. Simply because, such ingredients aren’t only healthy, but they will also make your food more flavorful.  But unless you’re living in a place that has an extremely mild winter, growing fresh vegetables and herbs outdoors is not a viable option. This is where the Hydroponic Garden by AeroGarden comes to play. With its 60-watt lights that are dually mechanized, you will surely grow fresh veggies and herbs in your own backyard.

This device comes with a touchscreen control panel that is very convenient to use. You can use this feature to program various settings for particulat plants so that you’ll be able to maximize the yield.

Furthermore, it has a smartphone app that you can use in controlling the device wherever you are.

Electric Roaster Oven

[amazon box=”B00CQLJESK” title=”Oster Roaster Oven” description=”The Oster Roaster Oven has a warming setting that keeps the food at perfect serving temperature. Dimensions: 23.3″ (L) by 15.6″ (W) by 11.8″ (H).” image_alt=”Kitchen Appliance” rating=”4.5″ image_size=”small”]

The Oster Roaster Oven is an essential tool for preparing holiday meals as well as entertaining. For this reason, the device is equipped to help you make foods much easier. That includes the additional work of hand-basting in which the lid has a self-basting design. Thus, it has a large quart capacity. In which, it can fit a turkey weighs up to 26 pounds.

However, think solemnly about all other foods you can cook and heat in your own kitchen oven whilst the turkey roasts perfectly perfect in the Oster Roast Oven. And also, you will save also 30 percent more of time cooking. And use only 36 percent less energy than the traditional oven. Thus, with the setting called KEEP WARM, you will be able to roast at the right temperature for serving and carving while you’re placing the final touches of your meal.

Final Thought – Truly, that there is no substitute for experience and skills in cooking. But the said products will allow you to become a more efficient in-home cook.

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