Siri Shortcuts app gets updated with its features

Along the side of yesterday’s announcements of new iPads and Mac, Apple does also roll out an updated version of its Siri Shortcuts app. The app which was first introduced at WWDC does arrive with iOS 12. As a way to unlock Siri’s potential by allowing users to create their own workflows, as well as custom voice commands.

In line with this matter, Siri Shortcuts version 2.1 is the first major update in follow up the app’s that were released with iOS 12. Thus, the app today still largely appeals to iOS power users. And those who were comfortable using its predecessor and workflow will understand how to build routines.

And as of now, this updated Siri Shortcuts app can do a few things, though – including getting the latest update of weather, setting alarms and timers, and more others.


The weather actions should be one of the most useful features especially those who have had created custom morning routines with Siri Shortcuts. Like so, you’ll now be able to use the latest weather in your shortcuts with the newest ‘Get Current Weather’ and ‘Get Weather Forecast’ actions.

In addition, with these said options od action, you can now ask for current forecast, conditions, or any other specific condition such as the chance of rain, humidity, and air quality.

Alarm and Timer

Moreover, there is also new helpful ‘Create Alarm’, ‘Toggle Alarm’, as well as the ‘Start Timer’ actions. In which, also addressed another notable hole in the Siri Shortcuts app at launch. Like so, many people were confused about how to use alarms within the app because the actions were not available. And most of the request often came up on Apple’s own support site, though. Thus, the new release, Siri Shortcuts 2.1 app, addresses this problem.

“Police” shortcut

A “Police” shortcut lets you speak a verbal command that performs a series of actions. That includes messaging a friend, turning low the phone’s brightness, and also to pause the sounds on your phone. Moreover, it gives you a button to press to start recording. In addition, it seems likely that you can now tweak the “Police” shortcut to just begin recording as far as you wanted to.

Other New Actions on Siri Shortcuts

The updated Siri Shortcuts does offer more other new actions. In which, it includes the ability to convert between different units from the ‘Measurement’ and ‘Convert Measurement’ actions. In addition, the ability to get the most recent set of imported photos from the Photos app via ‘Get Last Import’ action. As well as the ability to start up recording video quickly in the ‘Take Video’ action.

Moreover, the updated app also fixes a problem with, in using Siri Shortcuts in Homepod. Like so, it will now automatically play back media from the Homepod over Airplay. Thus, when you run the Shortcuts from Homepod using Siri – it will just make more of sense.

Therefore, however, the updated version of Siri Shortcuts app is now officially available for download from the App Store.

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