Reasons to Say 2018 is the Best Year for Smartphones

Before the year ends we would like to reminisce how high tech smartphones came rushing in the market amazingly this 2018. So for that, we wrote this article to add your reasons to declare that 2018 is the best year for the coolest smartphones ever. But we know better units are yet to come in 2019. Admit it, you are waiting too.

Top 2018 Smartphones

It is not every time that good smartphone are produced especially if you make 2018 smartphones comparison. However, when I try to think about the recent hits launched in 2018. There is no doubt that it makes phones very special. Actually, top tech companies make huge releases of one model to another and it includes Samsung, Apple, Google, Huawei, and others. What units are the hit makers? Find out.

Apparently, it is not only about the 2018 best value smartphones and the 2018 best cheap smartphones that make this year very notable. It is also because of the best budget smartphone 2018 with best camera released that makes this year’s phones top notch and greatly desired. These releases are a gem like which exceed expectations from premium to midrange devices. Mention about the innovations of brands like Vivo and Oppo which are lesser known globally but are equally competitive on their devices just like the rest. Also, phone makers with niche designs make their products significantly better and unique too. We must also appreciate that.

Briefly, what really makes this year’s phones outstanding is its consistent upgrade on quality that reaches max. Today, smartphones are distinctly brimming, fast, and powerful that is packed with exciting software and hardware components. Likewise, the photos captured using these units are getting better and better and now it’s on its best. In fact, it is so good to be true that a tiny smartphone camera can now reach even the level of quality produced only by expensive DSLRs back then. Are you also glad about it?

Trends don’t Always Win

There are some of this year’s trend that didn’t make users happy well enough. For example, the increasing number of notches on-screen displays raised complaints in the world of smartphones. Add along with the undecided removal of headphone jacks. We understand that companies like to make things even better for its users and that is for the sake of saying they launch something new but then some trends are just not meant to be unveiled.

Prices Are Getting Higher

Yes, it is. We can also see the downside of this year’s high-tech components packed inside a smartphone. Apparently, the raise on phone’s starting price makes us sigh while being excited. Samsung, Huawei, and Apple have a notable $1000 to make you at least get the cheapest premium.


As the year shifts, we will start counting and recording the best releases again. So you must better ready to set your observing eyes onwards together with a paper, and pen to make a list of the greatest tech gadgets that will hit the most awaited the year of 2019. So are you going to tag along? Make sure to make the list the longest then.

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