October 2018 Update: The Best Mobile Games

Mobile games are a more than $50 billion dollar industry with over 2.1 billion of players all over the world. In which, both the said numbers are growing and growing every single year.

Very honestly, it was not as easy to pick the best mobile games of all time. Like so, with over five hundred new games being submitted to the App Store every day. And also, with a fantastic backlog of hard-earned classics and even hidden gems that are already out. Thus, it is a whole lot to decide though.

For the purpose of this October 2018 update, it has been to pick up the top and the best mobile games this month. In focusing on the most creative and original experiences that is possible on the mobile devices.

The Best Mobile Games


Threes is definitely a near-flawless puzzler. In which, it is easy to pick up. Like so, all you need to do is a swipe in all four directions and do pair numbers. The bright ones and twos that come together make three, and from there, increasingly high multiples of three. As you work for you to clear the ever-crowding grid of tiles.

However, a pleasing combo of nice visuals, satisfying audio sounds, and a friendly accessibility makes it an enjoyable to play.

Monument Valley

Absolutely, you wouldn’t even think to call a puzzle game “chill”, but the Monument Valley is one of that. It is a serene series of perspective puzzles you just have to navigate through, Ustwo Games puzzler is never really overtly challenging. Thus, it is a series of MC Escher-esque puzzles that is only made one demand of you – rethinking on how you look at its world. And also, taking the same moment in reconsiders the things that lead to a consistent calming, and great experience.

The Room

The Room is a game adaption of the Tommy Wiseau film when it has been released. Thus, if you want some measure of success, and even considering most people thought – you are in luck. The Room is the gold standard for mobile puzzle games. And the beginning of a series that is enthralled and creeps out with every new entry.

Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO is an actually good example of a huge franchise that comes to a mobile with a game that is perfectly suited to the platform. In which, inserting the exploration of Pokemon into a real world. With a mobile-driven setting brought a light and an accessible version of elements that make the main series goes well.

In addition, with an AR and constant waves of new updates and features offer. There is no doubt that it became a worldwide phenomenon and even continues to thrive.



Gorogoa is one of the most elegant and stylish puzzle experiences out of the box. In which, the smooth tap and drag of the game in the mobile version is the ideal way to play it. Thus, it is like opening a window into a fascinating and strange world – right in the palm of your own hand.

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