Move it: Best Productivity Tech Gadgets 2019

Are you working with a job that makes you sit for a long time? If you are still fine today and you want to keep it that way, well and good then. It will never too late to make things better. We have here a list of five best productivity tech gadgets 2019 that will make you move it to improve your health and productivity while at work.


Who says you can’t get fit with a whole day sitting down in your office chair? Well, to start our productivity technology examples here is one that can help you swing your legs under your office desk while working with an overwhelming task.

HOVR under desk leg swing exercise lets you walk while sitting. You can place it under your desk and it will fit their perfectly. This productivity tech provides an unconscious movement that you will never notice that you are burning lots of fats and calories significantly more than normal sitting alone. More so, it creates continuous healthy movements without experiencing distraction while you are working with important things in your desk.

[amazon box=”B07GFPNM7V” title=”HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing” image_alt=”HOVR Under Desk Leg Swing” rating=”4.2″ image_size=”Large” description=”Perfect Office workout used as under desk leg swing exercise.”]

The best thing about this excellent under desk leg exercise is that it enhances healthy blood circulation plus spine and joint health. Indeed, a perfect instrument to level up your health this coming year.

The Edge Desk System

If you don’t have a choice but to sit all day long at work without fail. This ergonomic edge can help you with that.

The Edge Desk System is one of the productivity tech gadgets that can let you help your body take a slack during a whole day sitting. How can that be possible? You may ask. Well, this device can encourage your body to sit right in a kneeling position. This way, you can achieve a neutral posture and this helps to ease various body pains that you can acquire from normal sitting.

[amazon box=”B07F2MS2VD” title=”The Edge Desk System” image_alt=”The Edge Desk System” rating=”5.0″ image_size=”Large” description=”Patented Ergonomic Designed adjustable desk.”]

With this productivity technology, you can now say bye to back and neck pain. Plus, you can utilize this for an easel or a desk if you want to. In fact, it comprises a smooth flawless desk surface wherein you can keep your hands busy. Furthermore, the Edge Desk version 2.0 is a seek fixture that can make an artist work comfortably all day.

Maximize your productivity with this outstanding tech gadget. Everyone can enjoy its benefits and it is recommended for artists, students, and freelancers who work in different places. Also, its extensive usability will surely increase your effectivity to produce significant output.

Cubii Pro

Smart devices that will definitely make you move it while at work. Cubii Pro is a Bluetooth enabled device that you can link to its application that offers a convenient substitute for a gym. Using this productivity tech, you can track miles, minutes, calories, RPM, and strides if you want to. Do you want to know the excellent thing about it? It keeps you active without the need to leave your chair.

Therefore, this smart productivity technology gadget can help you to work while working out. Cubii Pro is an under-desk elliptical designed to use while the user sits comfortably on a chair. Lastly, it helps you to make the most of your time while bringing health in a brighter side with its optimized angles.

[amazon box=”B0189VJEFI” title=”Cubii Pro” image_alt=”Cubii Pro” rating=”4.4″ image_size=”Large” description=”Easy to assemble Bluetooth under-desk elliptical.”]

Cubii Pro is the only Bluetooth desk elliptical you can find today. In fact, it is an embodiment of excellence for it is labeled as one of the “TIME’s Favorite Gifts” and that was last year. Likewise, it has a patented ergonomic design that fits in all kinds of sitting positions.


For starters, this productivity technology is not just simply a desk. Beneficially, this is an innovative system that works together to make your body work and your mind think at the same time. What I mean is, you don’t need to suffer from health failure in the future anymore if you utilize this amazing stuff right now.

FlexiSpot has a lot of useful features which includes a built-in exercise bicycle that encourages you to keep your body active while working your mind out on something else. Also, you don’t need to be bothered about its installation. In fact, with just one short minute, you can already enjoy using this in your home, office, and wherever you may like.

[amazon box=”B079STYRGF” title=”FlexiSpot” image_alt=”FlexiSpot” rating=”4.6″ image_size=”Large” description=”Office bicycle exercise with smooth working desk for standing.”]

The Deskcise pro comprises a super smooth and flawless operation. Additionally, the cycling system integrated into it is totally placed inside the base so you can’t see any moving parts while using it other than the bicycle pedals. You can also adjust the desk height to match your most comfortable position. And have I already mention that this productivity tech gadget is a best seller? Well, that wouldn’t be a surprise for you anymore because with just one peek on its compact design, you’ll instantly realize that this item deserves a space in your office.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

For an active sitting during working hours, here is Gaiam Balance Ball Chair that can allow you to make it happen. This adjustable custom fit balance chair can help you to keep a proper posture so afterward you’ll go home relaxed and free from pain. A working day is not just literally a day of working but a long day of health draining performance. More so, you have to keep yourself fit and healthy without a compromise for a full action pack 24 hours in the office.

[amazon box=”B0047HXMP2″ title=”FlexiSpot” image_alt=”FlexiSpot” rating=”3.3″ image_size=”Large” description=”55 cm Custom fit and anti-burst balance yoga ball chair.”]

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair enhances the strength of your back while engaging more of your muscles. As a result, it will lead to better blood circulation, less neck and back pain, and greater mobility in your upper body. It comprises a removable balance ball with a size of 55 centimeters. Also, it has an anti-burst capability so all weight range can utilize this durable thing. Plus, this innovative office productivity gadget is custom fit. This means it has a cushioned back along with a stable, metal secure base, adjustable legs, and castor lockable wheels.

A fit and healthy body is a choice. In fact, you can actually choose it now by keeping yourself active while at work. May this list help you to choose the best for yourself, and in the future, it is your choice that you’ll reap.

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