Microsoft Has Growing Sales Because Of Windows 10 Upgrade Cycle

Microsoft is currently considering a huge opportunity to grow sales by driving organizations to pay for more products. And that is with the help of the old ones. Consumers of Microsoft are now approximately halfway finished on their upgrade cycle from Windows 7 to Windows 10. And Windows 7 is actually an operating system that was first introduced about a decade ago.

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Nowadays, consumers either upgrade the old operating system running on their personal computers or buy a new one that runs the newest Windows 10. This delivers a big opportunity for Microsoft in order to get present customers to purchase new packages of their products. This is included in the Microsoft 365 which is a Microsoft product bundle.

This could actually drive more profit per user that as a result could lead to a bigger revenue in the next quarter in the future. In line with this, Kirk Koenigsbauer mentions during the JPMorgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference that 2019 is an important year for developing desktop into a more modern device. He also added that modernizing the desktop will allow Microsoft to render better job of transforming into a higher tier of products and service and many more.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Azure public cloud is gradually becoming the centerpiece of the company. This is to compete against Amazon. However, Windows is still significant in terms of financial perspective. As a matter of fact, the company derived revenue of about $19.5 Billion last year. Moreover, it is quite notable that 18% of these statistics come from Windows. Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of the company recently says that Windows still makes between $13 Billion to $14 billion of their total profit every year. Not mentioning that there are users who utilize Windows 10 upgrade free.

Microsoft 365

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Kirk Koenigsbauer is the person responsible for Microsoft bundle called Microsoft 365. This includes the Office 365 subscription-based productivity app suite, Windows 10, and the Enterprise Mobility and Security tools. Koenigsbauer says that the company first introduced the Microsoft 365 bundle nearly two years ago.

Unfortunately, the upgrades come as a part of Microsoft’s plan to stop supporting Windows 7 operating system in January 2020. This also includes the security updates of the said OS.

Apparently, many consumers will be sad about this, but they have to upgrade their existing computers into Windows 10. This operating system was first introduced in the year 2015. However, it is also possible that many consumers will buy new personal computers running Windows 10 instead. But beyond Windows, Microsoft’s support for Microsoft Office 2010 which is a collection of productivity applications will also end in October 2020.

While a programmed Windows 10 upgrade advisor or Windows 10 upgrade assistant have been suggesting this to you, it is quite worth noting that Koenigsbauer suggests that organizations must upgrade to the most advanced products today in order to get better security as well as achieve a lower cost of Microsoft product ownership.

Final Thoughts

If these upgrades mean saying goodbye to the old apps we enjoyed before. And will allow Microsoft to introduce better and more useful apps. Then, it is a win-win solution for both sides. But if these upgrades will only allow Microsoft to accumulate more profit and will not benefit consumers. Therefore, it is, unfortunately, sad news.

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