Facebook Restrained Content Will Fortify Dominance

Last August, Alex Stamos stepped aside as the CSO for Facebook after a calling. In where he somewhat courageously as well as directly warned about Facebook’s security deficiencies. This was absolutely in accordance with Facebook’s ex-security head personality. Either way, Stamos seems to have departed on his employment running security for Yahoo instead of creating an NSA backdoor, making Stamos a bit of a human security canary.

Where is Alex Stamos Right Now?

Now, Alex Stamos is at Stanford’s Information Welfare team. In which, he is leading interdisciplinary groups studying the exploitation of technology (they are making some pretty frightening notices),

MIT Tech Review…..

During the across-the-board interview with the MIT Tech Review, Alex Stamos point out the issues of representing Facebook and even the other platforms to law enforcement agency the discourse that their user’s post. Whether it for the sake of preventing hate-speech or harassment.

Even so, Stamos also tip-off that these powers won’t be solely exercised on behalf of legitimate and good states. But also on the behalf of dictatorships, as well. According to Alex Stamos, moreover, over 50 percent of Facebook users live either in democratic or non-free countries without security for speech. Most importantly, the minute you put Facebook accountable of speech supervising you are saying “We hope that you to possess more power to manipulate what other people do and say. As a matter of fact, that is a very dangerous path, says Alex Stamos in the statement.

Stamos, on the other hand, is doubtful of splitting the platforms. But like any other people, he thinks that tech platforms such as Google and Facebook at the same time are very powerful. Even so, in place of providing Facebook with more power, Facebook’s ex-security head Alex Stamos vouch for other measures such as:

  • Advertising policy
  • Federal legislation in order to restrict ad targeting.

As a matter of fact, Alex Stamos said that smaller platforms are more difficult for countries to monitor. In addition to that, the resources needed to secure every user’s data effectively is not sufficient.

For this reason, a number of individuals take Stamos point but strike down. In addition to that matter, the main reason why Facebook has been governmentally legalized to behave so irresponsibly is that its extent contributes it administrative influence.

Either way, if we want countries to make the rules Stamos advocates and impose them. We have had to make Facebook less significant. The reason why? So that it cannot push its supervisory body in the opposite direction.

With that said, there is an intermediate ground authorizing the data portability. So that every Facebook user can leave the platform and take their information with them. And getting rid of Facebook’s capability, however, is to utilize the law to stop contenders from crawling. In such a way, the said platform on behalf of newly departed users of Facebook who want to make use of new services. But will constantly import messages while anticipating for their friends to follow them to rival platforms.

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