Latest App from Google to Reduce Noise during Call

Yesterday, Google finally declared that their new app with the name Sound Amplifier is finally out for the public. For over the years of Google’s effort in creating multiple apps on its chase of great accessibility for everyone, the company have developed numerous apps that focus on users that have visual and physical impairments. Lookout and Voice Access are two of the best app from Google and now Sound Amplifier app from Google Play Store is now available.

Google to Provide Better Support

It appears that Google is quite thoughtful too. Not mentioning that it knows almost everything already. In fact, the company aims to provide better support for its users who are hard to hear and to those who are deaf. A single piece of this attempt, two new app from Google Play are already out namely Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe.

For starters, Sound Amplifier is an application that can effectively enhance the microphone audio produced mounted in your Android device via headphones in order to render an even comfortable listening feel. As a result, this application can be very helpful specifically in such particular situations as in an airport lounge, café with loud music, among other environments that have a lot of distracting background noise.

Eventually, what it does is that it increases the presence of quiet sounds to mask the loud noise that can distract you as well as the person you are calling. With this, you can now hear better and communicate better without the chance of any distraction to get in the way.

On the other hand, you might also want to download app from Google Play today like Live Transcribe. This application is quite self-explanatory that you can tell its simplicity as soon as the said app launches. As it launches, the app starts transcribing everything on your device using a large text flashed in front of a black background. And if you prefer a light theme, you might simply switch its font color to black text over white background by disabling the present Dark Theme. Adjust the size of its text if you want in order to match your preference too.

Live Transcribe Additional Features

You can expect a few more features in Live Transcribe that can help individuals with hearing impairment to respond as they can actually hear again. That includes the smart haptic feedback. This feature works by vibrating the phone to give you an alert that someone is actually talking to you from behind. It also features a loudness indicator. That is located on its upper right corner that has an inner and outer circle that indicated the loudness of the environment by showing a big circle on your device screen.

However, users have to speak louder in order for the app to work. In this way, the user will understand that they have to speak louder so people can hear them too. But don’t worry, the app includes a keyboard shortcut located at the bottom. This is to allow users to communicate with other people by typing their message. It is useful when the environment they are in is extremely noisy at the time. So, download app from Google Play now.

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