iPad Mini 5: All About The New iPads for 2019

Watch out, Apple lovers! Sources say that the tech giant is set to launch a fifth-generation iPad mini this 2019. This is a piece of exciting news and we’re looking forward to what upgrades it will have. The iPad mini series hasn’t been succeeded since the fourth generation in 2015, so we’re hoping that the iPad mini 5 will have better tweaks and features than its predecessor.

A report from the China Times also seems to support this news. It says that the iPad mini 5 release date isn’t set yet, but it’ll be out on the first half of 2019. To be updated about the latest news and the upcoming iPad mini 5 price, watch out for news releases here in the VPN Veteran website or Facebook page.

iPad Mini 5 specs: What we know so far

While we’re waiting for the new and refreshed look of Apple’s handy tablet, here are what we know so far regarding the specifications. According to tech analyst Ming Chi Kuo, it will have a more powerful processor with a low-cost display panel.  If you can’t wait until next year to get your hands on an iPad mini, then you’re lucky. The fourth-generation iPad mini has been upgraded with better storage capacity. You can get a 128 GB with a price markdown on selected stores.

The iPad mini 5 could also feature a bigger storage capacity, possibly up to 128 GB. We don’t have official details yet but we’re really looking forward to the release of this new gadget.

ipad mini 5

10-inch iPad will be possibly released as well

As if the iPad mini 5 isn’t enough, we also heard that Apple will possibly be launching a 10-inch iPad as well. This newcomer will succeed the sixth-generation 9.7 inch iPad which was just released this year. We’re also excited about this bigger (but would it be better?) iPad which we’re sure it’ll be powerful and jam-packed with tweaks.

A report from the China Times states that although the iPad is bigger than its predecessor at 10 inches, it will have a narrower frame. And the best part? This upgrade will possibly be at the same price as the sixth-gen iPad. If this isn’t exciting then I don’t know what is. The sixth-gen iPad worked like a dream, so a bigger version at the same price would definitely be a hit.

Which is the best iPad to use?

If you’re looking for a lightweight tablet that easily fits any bag, then the upcoming iPad mini 5 could be the perfect fit for you. It’ll have a bigger storage capacity for you to store music, photos, files, videos, and apps. It’s handy and portable, which is perfect for the techie person that is constantly on the go.

On the other hand, if you want a better screen display for note-taking, reading ebooks, watching videos, or using apps, then the upcoming 10-inch iPad will surely be your favorite gadget. It will possibly have Apple Pencil support like the sixth-gen iPad as well. If you’re into bigger visuals, then the 10-inch iPad could be the best fit for you.

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