Hoverboard Inventors To Create E-Skates

Hoverboard continues to see some major improvements — thanks to today’s advanced technology and creative ideas of various manufacturers. There are now different types of hoverboards or self-balancing vehicle available on the market today. Some of them even require batteries for much faster speed and better balance.

Recently, U.S. entrepreneur and inventor Shane Chen, the first to file a patent for a “two-wheel, self-balancing vehicle” in 2013 announced his latest creation, the Hoverwheel. It is expected to rival the Segway, which is one of the most popular self-balancing vehicles today.

The Future Of Hoverboard

The Hoverwheel works like a pair of skates. However, it is automatic and runs with a battery. It also uses the same motor as the Hovertrax.

According to Chen, the Hoverwheel can run up to 7.5 mph and can reach up to 7 miles. This invention is now considered the new rival of Segway e-skates, which are very popular today.

It is believed that these e-skates will help everyone reach their destination faster. However, there are some that don’t agree with the e-skates as it removes the user’s ability to walk and exercise his/her feet. But, these e-skates wasn’t made for lazy people. It can even strengthen different parts of the user’s body as it requires intense balancing.


It is expected that competition will be tough between the two companies as both of their inventions looks very similar. There were even claims that a number of lawsuits might even bring both companies to a difficult situation.

While it’s true that Hoverwheel shows innovation, some people don’t like the fact that the e-skate, in general, seems dangerous.

In fact, knockoff companies, such as Swagway and IO Hawk are known to sell imitations of e-skates. Fortunately, both companies have been taken down by Chen and Segway to ensure that no one will use the bootleg ones.

With the increasing number of reported accidents caused by fake e-skates, it is highly recommended to be cautious before making a purchase.


It is very important to check the logo or the maker of the e-skates first before buying online or from a random person. There were numerous reports of bootleg e-skates being caught on fire or malfunctions while in use. That being said, it is extremely important to pay attention to its authenticity.

Aside from the product itself, users must also take into account their safety while using the e-skates, especially on the road. A[[arently, there have been numerous accidents reported caused by hoverboards and e-skates.

Where To Get The Hoverwheel

The Hoverwheel is expected to be released by the end of this year. Even though there is no exact release date yet, Chen seems confident about launching the gadget on the market soon.

The price of Hoverwheel is yet to be officially revealed as well. However, it is known that Segway’s e-skates cost over $399. Due to this, fans can expect that the Hoverwheel will also run at the same price.


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