Google and social networks sign Agreement to fight fake news

Last Wednesday, the European Commission said that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other tech giants have signed up a code of conduct on how they’ll block the transmission of fake news.

The EU is determined to lessen the power of fake news in various social media platforms . because of the upcoming European Parliament election. According to the Commission, the main objective of the code is to shut down accounts and keep the administrative publicity transparent.  

Awareness From Fake news

During the Brexit referendum and wake of US presidential election last 2016. The size and range of problem regarding fake news occur. Two years later the corporations have been pressured by governments to deal with the issue to stop wicked actors from manipulating the results of the election.

However, EU has preserved the code controlled, instead of making a law that would push large online platforms to follow strict rules.

In order to establish the code, big technology companies and EU are working together to do the following things:

Steps Of Big Technology Companies To Combat Fake News

  1. Help the research community in watching online deception over confidentiality- compliant access to the platforms’ information.
  2. Empower every individual to access various news sources and report deception.
  3. Acknowledge the problems regarding online bots and fake accounts
  4. Create problem-based advertising and political advertising more transparent
  5. Mess up publicity revenues of particular websites and accounts that disseminate falsehood.

The EU Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society Mariya Gabriel entitled it as a significant phase in confronting an issue that impends Europeans’ hope in democratic institutions and processes.  

According to Gabriel, online platforms should act as effective social players particularly now that period of elections is approaching. They should also do their best to end the dissemination of disinformation, Gabriel added.  

Jon Steinberg Google’s Public Policy Manager also emphasized in a certain blog post last Wednesday. The other procedures the company is set in place to fight the dissemination of fake news over the internet.   

The Ultimate Goal In Fighting Fake News

He said that their ultimate objective is to allow every individual to acquire relevant and useful information. From different authoritative sources and they are working with other companies to make it possible.  

The Facebook’s spokesman said that the battle against fake news won’t be over. That’s why they are making important investments to get rid of clickbait and fake accounts. And most importantly to promote news literacy and high-quality journalism.

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