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The internet is responsible for connecting people from all over the world each and every single day. Unfortunately for us, many people using the internet have bad intentions and are actively trying to cause you harm. And DeleteMe is a solution to remove yourself from the internet and protect your privacy!

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DeleteMe reduces your online footprint, and removes your information from Google search results.

Updated on 1 December 2022

DeleteMe Removes Your Personal Information That’s Online

The web is constantly being scoured for personal information. Some of those doing the scouring are actively malicious or criminal, while some of them are not intent on causing you harm, but are still interested in making a profit off of your personal information. It’s because of instances like these that services like DeleteMe exist.

One of the best ways to keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands on the internet is ensuring that your personal information is not on the internet in the first place. DeleteMe is an online service that specializes in removing your information from the online data brokers like Whitepages, Spokeo, MyLife and BeenVerified.

As their name suggests, ‘data brokers’ buy and sell personal information to other organizations chiefly for marketing and promotional purposes. DeleteMe specializes in opt-out services like removal from Whitepages, and all data broker sites like it, making sure that you have a far smaller online footprint.

Think Twice Before Sharing Personal Info on Social Media

While a service like DeleteMe that will remove personal information from Google is going to have a considerable positive effect on your privacy, you can still expose yourself online if you’re not careful. And, unfortunately, people who are often otherwise shrewd about limiting the availability of their personal info online often unwittingly share huge amounts of personal information on purpose.

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing news articles, stories and updates about your life. But for people that you don’t want to see this information, it’s also extremely easy for them to find this information about you. Deleting social media accounts is likely a bit much for many people, but at the very least set your account to private. If your job requires a public social media presence, have public accounts used exclusively for work and private accounts for friends and family. The private ones should have privacy settings as comprehensive as they can be.

Limit PII in Email Accounts

Having anonymous and/or disposable email accounts is a great idea for doing virtually anything on the internet that involves divulging an email account. Disposable email accounts can be used as sort of sacrificial scapegoats to draw in scammers and spammers and anyone else you don’t want having access to business or personal email addresses. Fortunately, one can create a disposable or masked email address (Blur Masked Email address) with the help of Blur by Abine.

As well, personal email addresses should be kept as anonymous as possible. When learning how to remove personal information from Google, contributing to your personal information’s presence on the internet by including your name, birthday, where you live, etc. in the email address isn’t a great idea.

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