CyberGhost VPN ultimate review: Is it really worth the hype?

When it comes to reliability and efficiency, CyberGhost comes out as one of the top-ranked VPN services out there. CyberGhost is one of the most capable VPN service providers because of its exceptional Windows client that comes with features that have proven many times to be user-friendly. So, you better check out this CyberGhost review if you are looking for an affordable and reliable VPN service provider.

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What is CyberGhost? A reliable and efficient provider

First of all, CyberGhost is a reliable and fast network that offers a free service; that comes with no monthly data limit plus it offers a wide array of server choices. It also has its own secure 256-bit encryption compared to other VPN providers which have low to zero logging and compatible with Windows OS, OS X, iOS, Mac, and Android.

cyberghost best vpn to use

However, does this VPN provider deserving to be ranked as one of the best out there? With tons of different VPN providers, all have the same promises and marketing schemes, it is important for you to carefully choose the one that fits your needs.

So, what is CyberGhost? This VPN provider is relatively new to this very competitive field. It was founded in Romania in 2017, CyberGhost was acquired by Kape Technologies to continue its VPN web browsing services mainly focused on the European and American markets. It is also known for its affordable subscription rates, so is it really worth the hype? Aside from the 7-day CyberGhost free trial, there are tons of things you need to know. CyberGhost is cheaper compared to other VPN providers.

How does CyberGhost VPN work? Just like your typical VPN, it provides encryption security features to keep your data and information private and secure. So, is CyberGhost safe? All you have to do is to connect to one of its servers online before you can browse for the reason to give you ultimate freedom since your IP address will not be visible and impossible to be identified. This will make all your surfing activities and transactions untraceable at the same time enhances your internet speed connection. You can even test it out with a 7-day CyberGhost free trial.

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Affordable rates? You be the judge. 

cyberghost prices usa

cyberghost prices usa

So, how much does CyberGhost VPN cost for subscribing? When you subscribe to CyberGhost VPN, its introductory price that is at par with other VPN service providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN which also has its own 1-year plan. Before everyone can enjoy a CyberGhost free trial, however, its trial period discontinued in 2018.

It offers a wide range of payment methods for your convenience. You can get the usual credit and debit options and you can also pay through PayPal, BitPay, and even cash that is likewise very convenient for subscribers who want to uphold their anonymity when paying for their subscription especially in countries where censorship laws and VPN restrictions are implemented.

For its money-back guarantee, you have to finish the initial 45-day agreement before you can terminate your plan and get your money back after you avail of the CyberGhost free trial. However, this is only exclusive for 1-year, 2-year and 3-year plans. The refund can be requested at its main website at through its customer service.

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CyberGhost Features and Advantages

Feature Value
Zero-logs? Yes, your data and identity are safe
Works with torrents? Yes
Netflix US
Multi-login 7 simultaneous connections
Covered countries 90+
Supported OS Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Linux
Money-back guarantee 45 days
Protocols OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP
Traffic data Unlimited
Encryption Strong: Military AES 256 bits
IP Addresses Undisclosed
Servers 7,100+

Using CyberGhost


Installing CyberGhost on your computer is quite easy. All you need to do is download the software, run the file and put it in your preferred destination folder and right-click and select “Run as administrator” where you will be directed to the installation phase followed by creating your own account by signing-up for a subscription depending on your preferred plan and commitment. All you need to do is to fill in the specific fields such as your username and your password. Once you’re done, you will be directed to another page for your PUK code where you can either download or print this info that is needed for your account recovery.

After that, you have to select a plan by going to the pricing area of the page where you have to select the best plan that you want to subscribe to and just like what is mentioned above, you will get a 7-day CyberGhost free trial.


CyberGhost is streaming-optimized especially with its US servers where you will be able to stream the best shows and movies Netflix has to offer. You will enjoy Witcher and Money Heist without any restriction regardless of your device and operating system that you use.

CyberGhost guarantees to provide you the most comprehensive library of its content through its streaming-friendly servers in the US where European countries can enjoy localized versions of Netflix.

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Considering that not all countries allow P2P technologies, CyberGhost eliminated this hindrance by allowing users around the world to download and upload torrent through P2P without the need for a special requirement to meet the conditions for performance, speed, compatibility, and stability.

By starting the CyberGhost VPN client on your computer or device, you will be presented with different server lists and settings. Just like what is mentioned above, you will have to choose the tab of servers specifically pre-configured for P2P torrenting to give you the freedom and peace of mind to download the files you want.

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Other key features

Enhanced personal data privacy – Is Cyberghost safe?

CyberGhost is well-known for valuing the importance of privacy knowing that threats from all corners of the internet are just lurking and waiting for you to make a simple mistake to get all your confidential data and information to get leaked online. CyberGhost uses a fortified encryption method to give users peace of mind.

Kill switch

CyberGhost enables you to initiate a kill switch which is considered to be one of the three most important features that a user like you should look for in a VPN service before subscribing. A VPN kill switch is technically your way to shut down your connection to a network that you suspected to be compromised by a hacker or a spy.

DNS leak protection

CyberGhost prevents proxy and direct internet users to leak their DNS by changing the DNS servers that ensure that the ISP is not being snooped on the user. A lot of VPN providers like CyberGhost prevent their DNS server details to be exposed.

Split tunneling

Split tunneling is an essential feature that you have to look for in a VPN provider. This helps your network to be alleviated when there’s a bottleneck in your connection by conserving bandwidth as the internet traffic isn’t required to pass through the VPN server.

Integrated DNS

Using CyberGhost, you can both enjoy VPN encryption without compromising the internet connection speed without affecting your DNS. CyberGhost enables you to change your DNS to a VPN connection.

CyberGhost Windows client

Does it have a user-friendly interface?

If you are using Windows as your computer’s operating system, you should familiarize CyberGhost’s user interface and settings even though it is pretty easy to use. For its interface, you are just like opening up a typical application or a program rather where you just have to click a few icons in it to make it activate and start running through its simple and user-friendly design perfect for users.

cyberghost 8 windows connect

By clicking the yellow power button, you will be connected to the “best location” to enable your internet connection protection.

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There are a few settings in the client. From the General tab, you can automatically run at system startup and change the language. In the Connection tab, you can change the protocol, and the port to connect. And you will find the switch to enable some of the features I mentioned above: DNS leak protection and kill switch.

cyberghost 8 windows settings

As a side note: Launching the client is NOT synonymous with privacy proetction. Therefore you need also to activate the second option by running the profile at the startup, install Beta updates, set the language, and check the info to see the version number.

Compatible OS/devices

The majority of CyberGhost subscribers are Windows users, however, there has been an increased number of subscribers from other platforms such as Android, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, routers and Raspberry Pi and it is completely compatible and offers the same user-friendly interface to everyone.

cyberghost 8 ios

Customer Support

Making CyberGhost reliable and popular to many is its customer service support that you can contact 24/7 through their live chat support whenever you come across any bugs when using it.

Just like other services, a customer support service that you can rely on should be one of your top priorities that is why it has its own live chat support, you can also send them an email whenever you have a concern or questions about your account and your subscription.

To sum it all up

Now you know what is CyberGhost. And you may probably have weighed-in your final verdict when reading this post. While , however, even though CyberGhost may have earned a lot of positive VPN reviews from tech experts and customers alike, in the end, it’s your decision that matters knowing that there are a lot of VPN service providers out there that can match CyberGhost’s benefits and advantages.

This is a highly-recommended VPN provider that

CyberGhost Highly-recommended and should be included on your list as one of your choices for VPN providers.

CyberGhost review
9.2 Total Score
CyberGhost review

Privacy and security
Speed and performance
Value for money
Ease of use
  • Friendly user interface
  • Affordable subscription rates
  • minimal logs (P2P and torrenting)
  • Faster than average VPN
  • Limited data jurisdiction

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