Compilation of Best Audio Devices Reviewed

Are you aware that we are already on the verge of 2018? If not yet, here is a list of the best audio streaming device 2018 that we specially compiled for you. From cheap to expensive, big and small, we collected the best of this year’s audio gadgets and juiced their high-quality features that will surely interest you. More so, scroll down and plunge in before firecrackers and loud cheers bang your ears this holiday.

2018 Best Audio Devices

Jaybrid Tarah

This is the cheapest Jaybird headphone you can ever find so far. Jaybird Tarah is one of the best audio devices 2018 that can comfortably fit in your ears without the slightest worry of dropping. Regardless that it is a wireless sport headphone. For once you plug it in your ears; it will stay secured there throughout the day.

[amazon box=”B07H72WMLN” title=”Jaybrid Tarah” image_alt=”Jaybrid Tarah” rating=”3.9″ image_size=”medium” description=”Wireless Sports Headphones.”]

Additionally, this audio device features outstanding sound quality and durability. It is a waterproof wireless headphone designed to be slim and lightweight so users can experience better comfort and convenience. Unlike its structure, its performance is huge. In fact, it is accompanied with an application designed to enable users to make some adjustments in its sound. Through this, you can match your own personality and style to the way Jaybird Tarah sounds.

Sonos Amp

You may have seen this product as one of the best audio devices 2017 before. Yet, Sonos Amp is worth listing again this year due to its unbeatable compact design. Most of all, it can transform your choice of speakers to class-leading multiroom audio technology. It is a smooth system that brings more than comfort and flexibility not like the others. Also, it is compatible with various streaming protocols there is plus you can connect it to the clever Voice Assistant Alexa.

Through this advanced audio innovation, you can now connect to your WIFi network to engage in wireless streaming. Like so, using this will allow you to control a wide range of wired speakers you have in your home. Playing a song using your phone or any mobile device you have can now be possible through this excellent audio device. Furthermore, it is definitely a great idea to include this on your next home party.

[amazon box=”B001CROHU4″ title=”Sonos Amp” image_alt=”Sonos Amp” rating=”4.3″ image_size=”medium” description=”Wireless Audio Amplifier”]

Get one for your home today and enjoy streaming on your favorite music services such as Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Spotify. All you have to do is to ask Alexa to play a piece of good music for you. Hands-free and totally through voice, the AI will instantly play the one music you like.


For a wireless noise canceling headphone, AKG N700NC is the best. Its sound quality can rank it as the best music player device 2018 and it comprises very comfortable and sturdy features. Regarding its noise cancelling feature, we can say that AKG is very effective especially that comprises an Ambient Aware which allows the user to hear the world outside music.

[amazon box=”B07G8N2V9V” title=”AKG N700NC” image_alt=”AKG N700NC” rating=”3.8″ image_size=”medium” description=”Foldable Wireless Headphones.”]

If you ask me about the best part of this headphone I will directly say that it is its battery life. Well, no one could ever resist its 20 long hours of battery life. Particularly for music lovers, we love to keep listening to music at times when we are out of focus, running out of inspiration, and getting low on entertainment. Which is why, AKG N700NC is an ideal buddy for everyday use. This audio device is packed with a full set of useful accessories. Furthermore, you can receive crystal clear chats and calls with just a click.

Onkyo TX-NR585

We included Onkyo TX-NR585 due to its rich streaming options and connectivity that does not compromise sound quality at all. Not to mention that its movies and music sound is excellent. It is especially when you pair it to a set of speakers capable of stabilized sounding.

One of the previous reviews I have read about this outstanding audio device indicates that it sounds similar to other Dolby Atmos receivers such as Denon AVR740H and Sony STR-DN1080 which are both very good audio devices. And that, Denon and Onkyo is a bit better than Sony when it comes to sound quality. However, choosing between these devices you must also consider what mobile platform you are using. But don’t worry, Onkyo is flexible. It can serve both Android and Apple devices through its built-in Chromecast.

[amazon box=”B07BJT931Q” title=”Onkyo TX-NR585″ image_alt=”Onkyo TX-NR585″ rating=”4.2″ image_size=”medium” description=”Channel Network Audio Receiver.”]

Actually, Onkyo Channel Network Receiver is labeled as an Amazon’s Choice. Powered with zone 2 speaker outputs along with zone 2 line-output, this audio device is definitely a must have. Don’t miss it before the year ends.

Microsoft Surface Headphones

Overflowing with comfort, surface devices are absolutely made to play that role of cozy devices. For example, Surface laptops are previously commended as cozy tech gadgets due to its fabric cover. And now, we have here Surface headphones to indulge your ears.

Microsoft Surface headphones are very good when it comes to sound quality and feel. Likewise, it carries high-end ear dials that enables the user to modify the level of the volume and noise cancelling. Using its touch controls and you’ll be able to adjust these things but the rest, you can do it hands-free. Cortana will assist you whenever you need it. In fact, by uttering short lines of voice commands, you will be able to experience the always-on feature it is boasting about.

[amazon box=”B07JYMFFVR” title=”Microsoft Surface Headphones” image_alt=”Microsoft Surface Headphones” rating=”3.9″ image_size=”medium” description=”Omnisonic Wireless Headphones with noise canceling.”]

Additionally, this audio device works well for making calls. Its effective noise cancelling features stands out so you can communicate clearly especially if you are talking with someone important. For business or for personal use, this headphone can help you there two times better than others.

Experience the best in Audio Streaming

These sleek devices have their own way to make your audio streaming experience better than before. Indulge yourself using these devices and feel the beat of music you play with them. If you are planning to host a party this holiday, then better hurry now. At least getting a bit early could give you some time to test them out first before the party begins. Enjoy the rest of the season with this Compilation of Best Audio Devices Reviewed today.

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