Best Free Video-Editing Apps

With smartphone cameras becoming better every single day, the tool you use to make videos does becoming less important. Thus, video editing apps used to cost such jewelry, but not anymore.

In line with this matter, today so far, there are tons of free apps out there that you can use to create a professional quality of videos. Moreover, listed are the top 3 free video-editing apps for Windows. Let’s check them out!

Davinci Resolve

Actually, the Davinci Resolve is a professional grade video editor by Black Magic Design. In which, it is the free version of Davinci Resolve Studio. Like so, it is an industry standard VFX, audio editing suite, and color grading as well. Thus, it is the go-to product if you are in care with powerful and professional-level video editing. In where, this app features likely as timeline-based editing, advanced media management, keyframes, plugin support, and more others.

However, because Davinci Resolve is the professional focus, it is not as easy as eating a pie to use this software for beginners. Like so, if you decide to use Davinci app, you must be prepared for a steep learning process. There’s a lot in there.

Moreover, it might not be the best choice if you just need to clean up and share little home videos. But, surely, it is a great gear if you want to take your videos just a step further. Thankfully, the free version app has had most similar features as the paid version. Also, with the exception of a few premium filters, a maximum export resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, as well.


The shortcut is open source, plus free, and cross-platform video editor that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac based computers. In this free software, frankly, it has plenty of professional editing features. That includes 4K video support, color grading, network stream playback, and more others.

In such a way, Shortcut app almost supports all the popular video formats. Like so, no matter which source you use, definitely, you will be able to edit and export it to your choice of format.

Nevertheless, Shortcut does support Windows 7 and above; also, is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

HitFilm Express

The Hitfilm Express is an entirely free video editing and composition tool, which designed for professional videos. Though primarily used for VFX and video compositions. However, it does include lots of basic editing features. In addition, it is a great choice if you want to start up exploring the world of visual effects, though.

Moreover, the interface Hitfilm Express is actually simpler than Davinci app. Thus, there is still a bit of learning curve if you have had never tried editing videos before.

Thus, the free editor does include a lot of functionality. And you can expand it more by purchasing additional, also on more advanced gear.

To sum it up, the Hitfilm Express is available for Windows, and even in Mac computers. In which, it supports a 64-bit version of Windows 8 and above. Nevertheless, it is also more demanding than some of the other editors that are on the list. Like so, you’ll need a nicely-powered computer to ensure a smooth performance.

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