Apple’s Most Expensive iPhone Revealed

During the yearly product launch event of Apple, which took place yesterday, the CEO Tim Cook finally unveiled the company’s highly anticipated set of new iPhones. There are a total of three, including the tech giant’s most expensive one yet.

The world’s very first trillion dollar company have expanded the horizon of its best-selling iPhone X from last year. The said model is the first of its kind with facial recognition, creating ultimately the iPhone Xs Max.


Bigger and Better

According to Heart, the iPhone Xs Plus is basically the iPhone X but only a bit larger. While it has the same facial recognition technology, it beats the competition with its biggest screen (6.5 inches) the company has ever installed in an iPhone.

The brand new iPhone also comes with an improved camera and photo editing features.

Phil Schiller, the worldwide marketing senior vice-president of Apple, announced that the tech giant’s newest flagship device would be the first ever iPhone to feature a 6.5-inch screen. Judging by the dimension, it is definitely bigger than the famously large Galaxy Note 9 of Samsung.

Apple iPhone XS Plus

“This is the biggest display ever on an iPhone,” Schiller said.

“You can see it’s about the same size (as the iPhone 8 Plus) phone with a much larger display. We think there are a lot of customers who are going to love this bigger display.”

More Features But Quite Pricey

The only catch, however, with the newest incarnation of the model is its pricing. That is because Apple’s most expensive phone yet costs around $1,440.

The iPhone XS Max is dubbed by the executive as “the smartest and most powerful chip ever” in a mobile device. Apparently, it is not only bigger in physical size – its storage has been bumped up to twice as that of its predecessor 512GB.

It even has a more durable glass, as well as a bunch of upgrades on its cameras. The phone also comes with a larger set of image sensors. On top of it all, it is equipped with an artificial intelligence to automatically recognize scenes and facial features.

iphone xs

“You are going to be blown away with the pictures you can take with the iPhone XS camera,” Mr. Schiller said.

“Some people call this computation photography. It’s making images possible now that weren’t before.”

The new iPhone Xs models boast a dual 12-megapixel rear camera, which is specifically designed to allow users to alter background blur on images after they have captured them for the first time. Moreover, it comes with the ability to deploy a mode called Smart HDR, a feature that will reportedly utilize the artificial intelligence technology in order to identify scenes or even users’ eyes.

A More Affordable Version Of From Apple

The new iPhone XS Max will also feature the largest battery added to an Apple phone to date, and both new iPhone XS models will be capable of using two SIM cards and two phone numbers at once.

Interestingly, the iPhone Xs Max comes with a smaller version called the iPhone Xs. Apple also releases a more affordable model of the device and is called the iPhone Xr, which is currently priced at $971.

Meanwhile, Apple fanatics are stoked to hear the news about the fourth generation of Apple Watch. The device is believed to include a new electrical hear sensor and a fall detector, among its vast improvements. It is priced at $523.

All of the company’s products are expected to arrive in stores come 21st of November this year.

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