Apple To Debut Brown iPhone

Apple, one of the world’s leading mobile phone brand, recently brought something new to the table with their newest releases. In the company’s big event at the Steve Jobs Theater, fans are anticipating some of the brands upcoming products, which include three new iPhones, and possibly new Apple Watches and iPads.

While the excitement grows, Ben Geskin, a known Twitter user that leaks new and upcoming Apple stuff revealed something intriguing. In the photo posted by Geskin, fans can see different colors of the new iPhone’s SIM trays.

However, one color got the attention of many, which lead to another hot topic around the internet. One of the colors of the SIM trays is brown, which is something unusual for an iPhone. The legitimacy of Geskin’s tweet may be questionable but his previous leaks turned out to be true.

Is Brown The New Color Of iPhone?

Apple has no comments about the leaked SIM trays. However, it seems pretty clear that each SIM trays will
represent the main color of each iPhones that are going to be revealed at the press conference.

The other colors that were revealed on Geskin’s Twitter post are space gray, silver, red and blue. These colorways are commonly used on other previous iPhones. While the brown colorway is something new for any iPhone devices, it seems that the on-going trend will make it a lot easier for the brand to sell.

It is known that the upcoming iPhone will have a 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. It was also said that the latest iPhone models will run on a hexacore processor with 2915 mAh battery. The upcoming iPhone will also support a 13 MP camera.

Apple iPhone

It is unclear whether these specifications can be upgraded as Apple has yet to fully reveal the details of the upcoming iPhone.

Previous reports revealed that the new iPhone will be named as iPhone XR/XC, which is the successors of the previous iPhone X. It is also expected that the iPhone XR/XC will both have the most advanced applications and features that the world has today.

Apple Could Name The Brown iPhone Differently

It is known that Apple is using different names for the colorways of their iPhones. An example is space gray, which is basically grey. Due to this, fans are expecting that Apple will reveal a new name for the alleged brown colorway of the upcoming model.

iphone x

Some fans suggest that the brown colorway will be renamed as bronze, while others believe that it will be named as copper or rust. There are also some that are suggesting a chocolate or mahogany name for the brown variation of the iPhone, which seems creative and friendlier to others. There is even a French-styled name for brown called Taupe, which seems classical and more favorable to most fans of the brand.

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