Amazing Line-Up of Alexa Enhanced Devices 2018

Most of us would agree that the year 2018 is the year where voice becomes the new powerful tool to command devices and application. If you don’t agree to this, well then, we will cite here some of the amazing Alexa devices 2018 to prove that. Now, let’s start to discuss the amazing line-up of Alexa enhanced devices 2018.

Amazon is leading the trend this year. Through its various products possessing high-end components, it provides a significant level of convenience to a wide range of customers around the world. Now, Amazon products are getting sleeker and smarter. And do you want to know a sure thing? This is because of its amazing AI which is none other than Alexa.


One of the outstanding devices enhanced by Alexa this year is this smart thermostat. This stunning gadget can change someone’s life. You can imagine how nice it is if you include it on your home. It is not just because Alexa is there to help you with it, but because it also has a very useful room sensor where you can save up to 23% of your annual cooling and heating costs. How lovely.

[amazon box=”B06W2LQY6L” title=”Ecobee4″ image_alt=”Ecobee4″ rating=”4″ image_size=”medium” description=” With 2.4 GHz ieee 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Connectivity, Built-in Alexa, and Room Sensor.”]

Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum

No other robot can clean the floors on your house better than Neato Botvac. One of the best Alexa devices compatible is this smart vacuum which you can link through wifi. Neato Botvac is a well-built smart vacuum that can be maneuvered remotely through the Neato app. You can also access its different smart capabilities through Alexa in just a single voice command. Make it yours; let it assist you in utilizing what is yours.

[amazon box=”B0168KHVZW” title=”Neato Botvac” image_alt=”Neato Botvac” rating=”3.7″ image_size=”medium” description=”WiFi Enabled, D-Shaped designed Robot Vacuum.”]

Amazon Cloud Cam

As one of Amazon best choice, there is no reason for me to exclude this smart item on the list. Amazon Cloud Cam works together with Alexa to secure your home. It has 24 long hours of clip storage and has a 1080p HD feed to make your home strictly safe and secured all day long. In case of sensed motion, this device can give you notifications on your phone.

[amazon box=”B01C4UY0JK” title=”Amazon Cloud Cam” image_alt=”Amazon Cloud Cam” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”Sends motion alert clips of videos in 1080p Full HD”]

Echo Auto

If on that can level up your driving experience is what you are looking for in this list, then here’s Echo Auto for you. One of the Alexa devices sold in Amazon offers a lot of beyond Alexa’s functionality and that is Echo Auto. This every-drivers-must-have can apply turn-by-turn navigation and this is through the help of Waze integrated into it.

[amazon box=”B0753K4CWG” title=”Echo Auto” image_alt=”Echo Auto” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”8 available microphones enhanced with far-field technology.”]

Right now, this Alexa enhanced device is still fresh. More so, Amazon limited individuals who can order it for the meantime. Get invited now and take this offer a go.

Echo Input

It is evident that Amazon is moving forward from not that smart device to smart ones. However, what can we do if we already purchased various non-Echo products, yet we dreamed to work with AI too? Good thing Amazon launched a device named Echo Input to enable non-Echo devices to access Alexa devices app.

[amazon box=”B07BFRHZLB” title=”Echo Input” image_alt=”Echo Input” rating=”4.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”Slim Designed, Connects with Alexa via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio cable.”]

This device can connect your non-Echo devices to Alexa through either wired or Bluetooth connections. Afterward, you can now play music while driving without getting your hands off the wheel. Hence, you now experience safe driving and convenience at once.

Incipio CommandKit Light Switch

Even the smallest task in your can now be done with Alexa. Imagine that even a quick turning off and on a light will now be easier with just a small device? Probably one of the best Alexa devices app that contributes to an overall convenience. In fact, this amazing device already proved itself to be usable by being one of the best buys on major markets today.

[amazon box=”B072BJGHXV” title=”Incipio CommandKit” image_alt=”Incipio CommandKit” rating=”2.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”With commandKit mobile app, built-in Dimmer, and integrated motion sensor.”]


Cambridge Sound Management has brought us this amazing innovation available in Amazon named Nightingale. This smart device promises to provide better sleep for everyone through its so-called “ambient sound blankets”. These sound blankets work to cancel out all the unnecessary disruptive noises in your environment that can decrease the quality of your sleep.

[amazon box=”B075G1BJ57″ title=”Nightingale” image_alt=”Nightingale” rating=”3.1″ image_size=”medium” description=”Masks outdoor and indoor noises and adjusts itself from various room sizes and types.”]

Every sleep is precious. However, no matter what techniques we apply just to sleep well, we can never increase our sleep quality. This is especially if disruptive noises are present. Moreover, note that this device is not the ordinary noise cancelation machine you knew. What is special about this one is that Alexa is there to guide and assist you.

C and GE Lamp

Since everyone is already into Alexa, GE decided to make their lights smarter too. Here’s an eye-catching smart lamp residing in Amazon. Take a good look at this lamp and you’ll find that there is nothing much special about it. Just a lamp attached with a microphone and speaker. However, since Alexa is already in, that must be enough reason to include this on your collection.

[amazon box=”B074JR55LH” title=”C and GE lamp” image_alt=”C and GE lamp” rating=”3.0″ image_size=”medium” description=”Stand-alone Alexa through WiFi connection, Automated light temperature, sends visual cues for timers and clocks, enhance sleep cycle.”]

Lynx Robot

I am also wondering if there is a possible way to make Alexa come into motion. Yet, here it is, a robot to give Alexa legs and arms. Lynx Robot is a humanoid robot brought by Ubtech to make Alexa move freely around your house.

[amazon box=”B077CWPTQB” title=”Lynx Robot” image_alt=”Lynx Robot” rating=”2.9″ image_size=”medium” description=”Combines Robotics to Alexa’s enhanced skills, with Surveillance mode capabilities, and can be updated.”]

It’s just fun to think that you don’t need to come near to Alexa now because, through Lynx, Alexa can now make its way to you. Through Lynx, you can ask Alexa to play the music of your choice. But beyond that, Alexa can now recognize faces and responses to actions accordingly.


Through voice commands, people can now converse with gadgets just like they have the life of their own. Life becomes more comfortable and easier through tasks that become simpler. Thus, resulting to more tasks to do and better decisions to make. But, there is this small puzzle in my head that needs to be found. Is it really beneficial to make all the things smarter? Or does this only make things more complicated? However, high-tech assistants like Alexa already proves their worth. Who knows about the future holds? Expect an even useful and powerful AI in the next years and join us in counting down to see the Amazing Line-Up of Alexa Enhanced Devices this 2019.

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