A simple guide in setting up your home Wi-Fi network

Setting up a Wi-Fi network, naturally, takes up only several simple stepsons. Consequently, it may sound difficult and problematic of what you are capable of, but, do trust yourself – it’s not!

Greetings for you, dear! Like so, you are now ready to stop stealing your neighbor’s internet. And now, you are now about to set up your home Wi-Fi network.

In order for you to get started, you’ll need these four things;

  1. The best location for your router
  2. A modem from your ISP (internet service provider)
  3. A router to send the Wi-Fi connectivity of signal all throughout your home – thus, your router may be built into your modem
  4. And a perfect device, such as phone, laptops or computer, that is capable of receiving the signal to configure your router.

So in here – let’s now set up your home Wi-Fi network together with this simple guide.

The location

Its excellent placement is in a central location of your home. Wherein, it is free from impediment that may cause wireless interference, in such ways as, walls, windows, or even an appliance like a microwave.

The modem

The proper placement is settled. So, you can now plug in cables. In where you can find a port on your wall for either cable or phone cord. Next, plug the one on end of the cable and the other one into the modem. Then, plug your modem into an outlet. In final, you must see that it lights up – when all the lights turned green, that’s the time your Internet were properly functioning.

The router

However, if you ever have a separate router, now is the perfect time to attach it to your modem with an Ethernet cord. Then, plug it into an outlet. Thus, you can easily test if it is working by checking for the name of the Wi-Fi network on your valued device.

Though, if you want to go to the management webpage for your router, just open a browser and type the IP address of the router’s administration page. Thus, the information is provided in your router documentation. It presents usually to be likely as ( And also, the login information will be in manual.

Secure your network with a strong password

And now that your network is presently active, I know that you want to secure and protect it. As you can see, your router was likely to have an IP address. Like so, you have to type that IP address into your browser, then log in with the references that are listed on your device.

Nevertheless, add WPA2 security. This step is very essential. In which, you can find it in the wireless security section. Wherein, you will select on which type of encryption will you use. And then, you may now enter a password of at least 8 characters – take note: the more characters and complex the password, much better.

Thus, the WPA2 was the latest wireless encryption protocol that is more secure than WEP. Wherein, it will make hardest for someone to steal your Internet.

That’s all – so simple, isn’t it? Congratulations to you!

Mary W.

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